Ohrid: Museum Bay of Bones St.Naum

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> Museum”Bay of BONES”

The museum on water, otherwise known as Bay of Bones, is a bay in Ohrid Lake and is an archeological complex located at the excavation site of Ploca Micov Kamen.

Dating back between 1200 and 700 BC, the original prehistoric settlement occupied 8500 square meters.
Bay of Bones is a partial recreation of the settlement, giving locals and foreigners a unique chance to learn about life in
prehistoric times.

> St.Naum

The Monastery of St. Naum is a magnificently massive comple located 29 kilometers south of Ohrid. It is, without any doubt, one of the most attractive Macedonian destinations.

With a wonderful surrounding area,the St.Naum Monastery is a popular day trip where you can enjoy both nature and religious heritage. The original monastery was built on this very same plateau, in 905 by Saint Naum of Ohrid himself. Taken down between the 11th and 13th century,the monastery was then rebuilt in the 16th century as the multidomed byzantine structure that you see today.